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Zelda: Ten Enemies That Need To Be In The Breath Of The Wild Sequel

With the sequel to Breath of the Wild in the works, we feel that said game could be a perfect opportunity to give a new lease of life to some of the older Legend of Zelda meanies. For the sake of brevity, and because saying “The Sequel to Breath of the Wild” is a bloody mouthful, we shall be referring to the sequel as Breath 2. We tried to consider how any returning enemies could prove interesting on a mechanical level, and which ones would benefit from a much needed coat of HD paint. Please keep in mind that these are our ideas, and should you lovely people have any of your own feel free to comment your own and why. In any case, we’ve prattled on far too long, let’s get down to business.

# 1 Darknuts, Iron Knuckles & Darkhammers

We’ve grouped these three armoured icons together as we feel that mechanically, they offer similar but nuanced combat experiences. Darknuts and Iron Knuckles in particular require Link to remove some or all of their armour in order to deal damage, and even though the return of magnesis is unlikely, we feel that it could be an interesting challenge to remove their armour piece-by-piece with the aforementioned rune mid-combat and then proceed to have a good old-fashioned clashing of blades. The darkhammer also had its first and only appearance in a 3D Zelda as the Snowpeak miniboss in Twilight Princess, and they are desperately in need of a reappearance as approaching them while they’re literally swinging their giant metal balls around would require a new level of strategy not seen in over ten years in a 3D Zelda game.

# 2 Kargarok

These large large birds first appeared in The Wind Waker, and then made a sophomore appearance in Twilight Princess. Seeing as Breath of the Wild had a lack of airborne enemies, we feel that the meagre Keese, while a Zelda staple, are more of a nuisance that drove us batty (geddit) than an actual threat. Bring back the Kargarok and make them a little faster, a little more vicious and prone to attack Link on horseback and you have the perfect recipe for an enemy that tests your archery skills while riding your steed. They could even grab Link and require him to escape and use the para-glider to avoid the fatal combination of gravity and high altitudes.

# 3 Poes

The nocturnal hours in Breath of the Wild were a missed opportunity to revive some of the most recognisable enemies in Zelda history. Poes were ghosts that first appeared in Ocarina of Time, and would haunt Link in the absence of sunlight. In the Breath of the Wild sequel we can see them become a spectral force to be reckoned with in the night hours. We think that Breath 2 could take things a step further and make it so that these ghastly ghouls can only be harmed by elemental weapons or the master sword. Ensuring that the player always keeps at least one of these weapon types on hand in the event of a haunting.

# 4 skulltula/ walltula

We have to give a shout-out to Matthewmatosis for for this idea, but we would love it if climbing in the sequel to Breath of the Wild posed another layer of challenge in the form of enemies that also have the ability to crawl up vertical surfaces. Enter the Walltulas and Skulltulas before the player decides to climb a sheer cliff-face she or he needs to bring out the insect repellent and exterminate any creepy-crawlies that may lie in his path. (Of course Link uses a bow and not bug-spray, but it gets the job done all the same...

# 5 Leevers

The Gerudo Desert was a vast, dry expanse in Breath of the Wild that at times felt parched for enemies. Between the oppressing heat and the long on-foot journeys, we feel that Breath 2 could keep things interesting by inviting the Leevers to remind Link to stay on his toes by literally attacking his toes. Admittedly , they had very predictable behaviour and like the aforementioned keese were more of a nuisance than a real threat, but they'd be simple to implement and could add another level of danger to the already treacherous desert region.

# 6 Stalfos

We know, we know, Stalfos-type enemies were technically in Breath of the Wild, but we miss the threat of a skeletal soldier, well-versed in sword combat. In Breath 1 there were stal-variants of Moblins, Bokoblins & Lizalfos, but what if Stalfos were there own enemy type that could nab bones from other downed lesser stal enemies to then incorporate them into their own bodies to increase limb count or attack power? Given the apparent darker tone of Breath 2, we think it would be right on the money to introduce an enemy that has an inherent creep factor. This would in turn up the tension and fit right in with the apparent sinister tone of Breath 2.

# 7 TektiteS

These annoying arthropods antagonise Link by bouncing boisterously all over the shop (even on the water’s surface in the case of the blue ones) Picture this: swarms of them can be disguised as floating debris or something equally inconspicuous and then once Link is in proximity, they could proceed to hop after him in droves. Since bombs float on water in Breath of the Wild, the player would need to think of a way to deliver an explosive treat to our four-legged Fu%kers. A good old bomb + deku leaf combo could do the trick for example.

# 8 re deads

If rumours are to be believed, the Breath sequel will have a darker vibe and a more oppressive atmosphere, and if this is the case what better enemy to bring back than the literally petrifying ReDeads? If the sound design on Breath is any indication, the shrill shrieks of these withered husks could really make our skin crawl, and the added threat of petrification could really amp the challenge up a notch and make players think twice about approaching them head-on.

# 9 bubbles

Technically an enemy also present to some extent in Breath of the Wild, the bubbles from Ocarina of Time came swathed in a variety of coloured flames each slapping Link with a detrimental effect on contact, and they were missed! Special shout-out to the blue bubbles, who cursed Link, preventing him from unsheathing his weapon. This could bring a new level of stress to tense encounters as our poor hero of the wild would have to find a new way to tackle a given confrontation in the absence of a blade.

# 10 armos

Evidently, I am a big fan of ambush type encounters and seeing as there are ruins everywhere in Breath of the wild, It would be a good idea to have Armos in said ruins, disguised as a whole manner of statues and sculptures. The designs would vary so as to avoid being detected too easily, and in classic Zelda fashion. they would keep their front side squarely faced in Links' direction, so as to avoid their diamond encrusted derrieres.

So what do you think? Please leave your ideas and opinions in the comment section below.


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