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What we think - Disenchantment Season Two

Now before going in, I'd like to say I was disappointed in Disenchantment season 1 to begin with. However, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the target demographic. I watched season 1 with numerous people and saw a pattern in those who found it funny and those who did not. Season 2 was similar fair to the first season in my opinion, disappointing. In the same regard I found the first season to miss the mark that earlier episodes of the Simpsons and Futurama hit well, I found season two to fall under the same comparison to season one that the prior did to the two older I.Ps.

The cast does a wonderful job of bringing humour to the characters voices but I found a lot of the "on-the-nose" jokes to fall flat. Saying that however the subtle humour did jerk my funny-bone a few times.

As someone who's just come out of binge watching earlier seasons of the Simpsons my view may be a bit jaded by a fondness for a lack of political correctness, perhaps the more blatant sexual humour and obscene violence just doesN'T hit my personal humour tastes. I've always gravitated towards Futurama out of the three, I think the wackier style of comedy fits me a bit more. Again I do think it isn't really fair to compare a two season show to long running shows like the Simpsons or Futurama.

Season 2 starts off directly after season 1 with Princess Teabeenie being brought to Maru by her mother Queen Dagmar. She soon into the series realises that her mothers intentions are not as loving as she had hoped. Her journey brings her through hell to revive Elfo and rejoin Luci. This is where I think the season isn't as grand as the first. The lack of Elfo and Luci at his funniest from sooner in the first episode leaves it rather dry, its picked up by the peculiar Uncle Cloyd, voiced by the hilarious Rich Fulcher, whose tone alone is a thing to laugh at when used well. As I've said the use of the voice cast is excellent and probably the highlight of the show and probably the saving grace for the series in my opinion. It's a shame to see another piece of modern media play it so safe with it's edges (pun intended) but then again, it does have the difficult task of trying to reach a wide audience, something that's impossible to do with the thin-skinned masses of the current generations. While I do support a wider representation of people in media sometimes I think creators are simply alienating the existing (and sometimes larger) fan base. I won't delve into the political side of this argument as this is just supposed to be a personal opinion.


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