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What Is Little Devil Inside? | The Game Of The PlayStation 5 Unveil Show

So, the PlayStation 5 Reveal event has come and gone. The console has finally been unveiled and we have finally seen some native PlayStation 5 gameplay. Sony showed us a number of different games from a wide range of genres, some exclusives and some cross platform.

The event overall was good and Sony showed that their ethos of putting game’s first has not changed. We were presented with trailer after trailer of the games that will be available on the console before being shown the two console variants at the end.

Although Microsofts’ Xbox Series X event is due in July, this has by far been the best next-generation event to date. The games shown, for the most part, were interesting and there was something for all types of gamers. Sony first-party exclusives; such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo and Spider-man received trailers for their respective sequels and/ or spin-offs. There were some very interesting New IP’s shown off such as Stray, Project Athia, Kena and Deathloop; but for us one game stole the show and looked absolutely incredible.

That game was Little Devil Inside.

The game looks fantastic! We were unsure which type of game it was, but were pleasantly surprised by how varied and versatile its settings were. One minute the player was in a jungle setting being chased by masked humanoid creatures, the next they were underwater in a dive suit. This level of variety seemed to also be present in the gameplay. The game seemed to adopt a number of different genres and elements such as action, adventure, RPG and survival. Our excitement increased drastically once we did some further research…

According to the games Kickstarter page, Little Devil Inside is an engaging 3D adventure RPG game set in a surreal but familiar setting with humans, creatures and monsters to interact with. The player must learn, hunt, survive and discover the world that exists beyond. Players can live a realistic life in an unrealistic world; and the game tells stories about people with unusual jobs such as hunting monsters. It puts an emphasis on everyday life, which is something that is very rarely touched on in games.

The design concept is minimalism, which is evident in the games visual style but the game is not minimalistic

per se. The game has taken influence from the Xcom series, Legend of Zelda series and System Shock titles. The developers aim to offer a new kind of gaming experience for lovers and seekers of emotionally engaging and challenging action adventure RPGs but offer something fresh and unique.

Fundamentally, Little Devil inside is an exploration focused survival action RPG game. Unlike other games in the same genre, the game focuses more on ordinary everyday life. As in real life, where a hard week’s work is rewarded by a relaxing or refreshing weekend. The game allows players to return back to town (or their home) after an adventure to regather and re-equip. The town itself will have its own set of events and elements to interact with, which will always offer a new experience for the player.

The game will not be about entering dungeons, killing monsters and returning to town to obtain rewards. Instead, the pace of the game will be like a long journey. Players will need to prepare for any unexpected encounters with the weather and have the necessary Intel about the region. Unexpected events will arise during your journey making the player consider how best to prepare for each mission. The way the player responds to the events that unfold will determine how easy or hard a mission will be.

When preparing for missions, players must also take into account the creatures or monsters they may encounter. Each monster and/or creature will have different characteristics and stats hence different habitats and behaviours, so it will be advantageous to equip the correct weapons and protective gear. Additionally, the player can interview and hire new team members in order to send them on missions that match their speciality.

There will be public transportation as well as vehicles you can control, maintain and upgrade yourself but unlike other games, Using transportation does not necessarily mean taking a short cut to your missions. Even on public transportation (such as a train), you will be within a scene (such as sitting and looking out the window) during the time to your destination and unexpected events may arise. Events may be good or bad - you may run into another character that results in a mini mission occurring or offer help with your current mission, the train may come under attack and you may have to get out etc. The developers are planning to include as many unique events as possible to give you a more engaging and unique experience in your missions.

The combat will also adopt a level of freedom, allowing players to slash or blast their way through enemies with swords, guns and steam punky gears in a responsive combat system that will be easy to learn and difficult to master. Players will able to toggle between auto target and single target. The auto target will be useful when confronting a group or a hoard of enemies; whereas when confronted with an elite enemy or monster for a 1 vs 1 duel, the single target will enable a more focused combat approach.

All-in all the game sounds amazing. It is now a PlayStation 4 & 5 console exclusive title and although Sony has revealed some other incredible games that are due to come to the PlayStation 5, this piqued our interest the most. The sequels that were unveiled and some of the new IP’s were interesting, but we know what to expect when it comes to the majority of these titles. Little Devil Inside looks like it will take a different approach to the genre and will try to be more fresh and innovative. If the developers manage to deliver the experience that they are describing, Little Devil Inside may well end up being a sleeper smash-hit. Of course, only time will tell, but one thing is for certain, Little Devil Inside has our attention.

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