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Norsemen Season 3 Review

Norsemen is probably one of the better unexpected comedies I’ve seen recently, I was late with Seasons 1 and 2 but glad when I found it as it was definitely binge-worthy (even forgetting the current restrictions in our lifestyles over the past few months). Season 3 keeps the laughs coming. Initially when noticing that season 3 was a prequel (or flashback) I was somewhat disheartened but that was quickly shattered upon delivery of jokes that made even the previous two seasons seem tame. I like when a series has found its footing past the first couple of seasons, it’s then that you can see shows disregard “safety” a bit more, which for someone like me who enjoys risque comedy, is great.

Season three follows the same cast a few months prior to the beginning of Season One. It focuses heavily on Jarl Varg, played by Jon Øigarden, and his fall from a beautifully maned, compassionate (yet still weird and self obsessed) Jarl, into the sinister and cruel person we are familiar with from the previous two seasons. Again Kåre Conradi’s Orm steals a lot of the show with his cowardly and… Questionable yet always hilarious actions. It’s also always interesting to give a bit of backstory to characters we grew to love. We see Frøya, played by Silje Torp, introduced to the warriors. The scene in which she agrees to certain terms had me struggling to breathe from laughter, when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It’s really hard to elaborate on a comedy without repeating the jokes or failing to describe a funny scene with the same level of hilarity as it’s original delivery, so before I do fall into doing just that, I’ll conclude here with my recommendation: Definitely watch Norsemen on Netflix if you enjoy a laugh at sometimes awkward humour, I’m reminded quite a bit of Flight of the Concords or a Will Ferrell movie, so if you enjoy those, this might be a perfect watch for you.

Thanks for reading, have you seen Norsemen? What did you think? Let us know down below and drop a like if you enjoyed the hopefully informative albeit brief review. Peace!


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