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In Defence Of Space Force - Review

I recently finished a two-day binge of the first season of Space Force, a new Netflix Original Comedy created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, who have previously collaborated on the American version of the Office. As soon as I finished the last episode I did what I usually do and I went online to see how critics had reacted to the show that both me and my girlfriend had both thoroughly enjoyed.

I was surprised to discover that the majority of critics were disappointed with what I thought was an entertaining albeit harmless comedy, based on the workplace shenanigans of the titular space force. As well as co creator, Steve Carrell is also the star of the show. He plays 4-star general Mark Ned who has a Gruff serious demeanor which contrasts quite heavily with his previous work, but still manages to work. He is accompanied by a great supporting cast such as: John Malkovich as his lead scientist, Lisa Kudrow as his Martha Stewart-esque wife and many more.

Without delving into spoiler territory, the show follows General Ned as he is promoted to a 4-star General. He believes he is about to take over the air force branch of the military but instead, finds himself in charge of the new Space Force, created by an unnamed president, referenced mainly by his tweets, making it blatantly obvious who this president is based on. What follows is a typical workplace comedy, following the ups and downs of marks new position and his mission to “get boots on the moon”, as well as the difficulties of raising a daughter and maintaining a marriage with a wife who has been incarcerated and will be spending the next 40 years behind bars.

The show isn’t a laugh a minute uproarious comedy and instead relies more on small chuckles and a handful of

human moments between its characters. It never gets too serious and as such does not quite wonder into the comedy drama realm of Television entertainment. One of the main issues ive seen critics bring up is that they do not believe the show satirises enough, or that it has enough bite to it. I personally disagree and do not feel that every comedy show needs to be an in your face South Park like, social commentary (even though the show does have its fair share of social commentary) It does not take any risks and takes more of a light-hearted approach.

It does not take itself too seriously at any point and admittedly, it does under utilise some key members of the supporting cast namely; Jane Lynch or Patrick Warburton, but it is important to remember that this is only the first season and as such, perhaps the writers were unwilling to take any risks.

Overall, I enjoyed it and feel it had some very funny moments and some good performances. I definitely recommend anyone who wants to experience a light-hearted, slower paced and different comedy series to give this a chance.


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