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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Game Show Royale!

Fall guys is a new battle Royale that was released on the 4th August 2020. Unlike the majority of other battle royales, the game has no shooting mechanics whatsoever. Instead, the game is more like a wacky television game show. It is a massively multiplayer online game, which tasks players with being the last person standing after a series of mini games.

And I like it, its fun. Nothing to call home about but it’s a blast to pick up and play.

The game has a bright, colourful and silly tone and I found it quite addictive. 60 contestants have to compete over a series of obstacle courses, sometimes working in teams to knock out the other team but in the end, the final challenge will ensure that the last surviving competitor is the winner.

There are a variety of courses, some are simple obstacle courses which task the player with getting from point A to point B, whereas others are survival affairs making players have to stay atop a giant spinning cylinder. They don’t sound all that challenging but keep in mind you have to do these with an additional 59 players who are all trying to get you out and keep themselves in. The result is a hilarious and ridiculous sight which had me laughing out loud and exclaiming at the television on countless occasions.

It is an extremely easy to pick up game and although a lot of luck is definitely involved, there is some skill involved. Players can only jump, dive or grab; which makes it accessible for a variety of different types of gamers of any skill level. This simplicity can be seen throughout the entire game, the characters look like a mix between a gang beast and a minion and the stages look like they have come straight out of a child’s morning cartoon.

Developers are constantly trying to make the next big battle royale and it is refreshing to see a Developer try something completely original. It does, however, lack variety. I feel like I have already seen all of the stages that the game has to offer and although I am still having fun, can see it become tedious if the developers do not continue to add more stages and events. Thankfully, the game has seasons, which implies more content will be added in future. It also can only be played online, which is fine but the opportunity to add local play with smaller party stages is a missed opportunity. Of course, these will or could be added afterwards in free or paid DLC, but that is of course yet to be seen.

Fall Guys is definitely worth the price of admission but only time will tell if it has any lasting value. It costs £15.99 on Steam and is free on PlayStation Plus, so is a must play if you are subscribed to Sony’s gaming service. It is a nice departure from other battle royales and is proof that the battle royale genre does not have to be synonymous with shooting mechanics. It is the perfect game for streamers and will flourish or fail depending on how strong its community continues to be. Fall Guys is a decent and fun game that could go on to become something great.


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