• Nie Costa

Avengers Beta Impressions

Yeah, this game, isn’t very good. Of course, it’s a Beta, but the game comes out in a few weeks, so I doubt a lot of changes can be done to the game to make it much better. Before you crucify me in the comments, let me start by saying I am a massive Marvel fan and, like the most of you, tried to be very optimistic about this game. When the first gameplay trailer was unveiled, I thought it looked stale but thought you can’t judge a game by its trailer. When the Beta was active, I refused to pre-order the game in order to get access but realised my favourite discount game code website was selling keys for under £2 and thought, yeah why not.

The game itself plays okay enough, but I feel like it is designed in a way that does not fit right with a super hero title. It is not what I want from a Super Hero title. The game is very similar to Destiny, it has a single player campaign, multiplayer missions which can be played like Destiny’s strikes, players can collect gear and have a base level and a gear level (similar to O.G destiny 2 and the 1st title) and other similarities. When you think of super hero games, each game needs to be tailored and designed around each super heroes power set. When you design a game that has to accommodate a number of different super heroes with a vast array of different powers, they all end up feeling the same as they all need to be balanced. This is what I feared when I found out that the game was to be a game similar to Destiny and where this may be fine for some, I simply don’t like this.

Now Destiny is another game which I feel can be a lot better than it currently is, I feel like the way it is designed limits it but that is a whole different video. The gun-play in Destiny is amazing and it is easily one of the best feeling shooters to date. The gun-play elevates the rest of the game and makes grinding a bit less tedious and at times even fun(ish). Compare this to Avengers however and, although the gameplay isn’t awful, there are countless games that have better combats systems. Getting gear feels weird for certain characters as well, it changes for each character but in my opinion for some characters, its just stupid. Now I understand the necessity to add this in from a game design standpoint, but once again, feel the formula does not lend itself well to an Avengers game.

The gameplay is serviceable but some characters feel much better than others. Hulk is one of my favourite Marvel Characters and he is my most disliked super hero to play as in the Beta. He feels, for lack of a better word, squishy instead of strong. Iron man feels slow and clunky and yes, he should to some degree, but jumping in the air and jetting off does not have that oomph. Once again, I know this is due to the type of game that it is, but this is not how I want to play as Iron man! My favourite characters to play with were Captain America and Ms. Marvel. I did not get to play as Cap for long, so if I had maybe he would be lower on my list, but from what I remember he felt best. Ms. Marvel was definitely second, I am not fond of the character (to be honest, I don’t know a lot about her) but I enjoyed playing as her more so than Iron man and Hulk.

I’m not going to go on as it is a Beta and I need to play more of the game until I can form a full opinion. There may definitely be a market for this game and for some, I’m sure this game will be a lot of fun. Running around with friends as you all jump into a battle can be exhilarating but once the initial buzz of doing so wears off, I think the game will be tedious.

In conclusion, I came to realise that if it was not an avenger’s game, I would not have even given it the time of day. It feels like the game was designed in a way that can be easily monetised and more content could easily be added, as opposed to being designed in a way that would engage the players and make the players feel like their favourite super heroes. It was designed as a product and not a game and although it may perform decently when it is released, feels like it fails at a fundamental level.


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