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I have always been a fan of robots and mecha. Collecting Transformers and general robot media from a young age. I was also very fond of Lego's as a child, it is a wonder it took me Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans to actually realise Gundam Plastic Model-Kits, better known as GunPla, as an actual hobby. I've been modifying GunPla for just over a year now and can fully say I'm immersed and enjoying the craft. I won't go in depth talking about the many classifications of GunPla or the different timelines of lore within the series (I'll save that for a later date), I just want to highlight what in my opinion some of my favourite designs, model kits and customs and use this as a platform to showcase some of our builds and ideas.

As a franchise Gundam celebrates it's 40th anniversary this year. It all began back with the original 'Mobile Suit Gundam' anime. While dated. I have watched it and it's surrounding media (So most UC media) and in terms of design the "main" series definitely sports my favourites.

Since it's initial conception back in the late 70's there have been many different types of supporting Gunpla (Or perhaps that's the other way around). From the smaller scale 1/144 HG line, to the colossal 1/48 Mega size kits.

I'm no expert, I've only built 13 Gunpla in total, and only customised four of those, that's a drop of water compared to the amount of Gunpla that are out there, so I don't claim any authority when it comes to this but if there's one thing I think everyone within the Gunpla community will agree on, it's that some of the most ambitious, grandiose and outstanding Gunpla usually fall into the Ver. KA line.

When it comes to the 1/100 scale of GunPla, this is easily my favourite line. While in terms of stability as model kits the line is either hit or miss in terms of design Hajime Katoki, the lead designer of the mobile suits of this line, I think has done a marvellous job and the engineering implemented into each of these kits is nothing short of astonishing. Many wouldn't recommend one of these kits for beginners but as my third kit was the Sinanju Stein (Possibly my favourite kit out of all I own), I wouldn't say beginners to the hobby should avoid these kit's if anything, quite the opposite, dive into the deep end I say.

Haro Basic Green from the Gundam Build Diver Line

When it comes to High Grade 1/144 scale kits, despite being drawn into the hobby by IBO, which mainly persists of HG kits, it was the HGUC Origin line that actually stood out to me. The line perfectly captures the classic look of the original series from the 80s but the designs feature a much more modern look and vibe and the articulation on some of these kits, awesome. While we're on the topic of Origin I'd like to mention what I believe to be the greatest 1/100 representation of the original RX 78-2 Gundam, The MG Origin kit. I'll admit there are designs I prefer but this kit perfectly embodies everything I think a Gunpla should be. It's so good in fact I wish they'd add more the the MG Origin line-up.

Customising GunPla is a major part of the hobby, not all the lines feature interchangeability between kits like the IBO line, this however doesn't stop members of the community from using parts from kits to improve other designs, this is referred to as kit-bashing. Deciding on a customisation can be a long process. From my own experience a lot of the process is trial and error, finding out what works on the fly. I personally find the experimental feel of customising the most thrilling part. Although kit-bashing can be a bit of a scary thought. Tearing a kit apart always breaks my heart. There are many required tools when it comes to building a kit, and the list only grows as you delve even deeper into the hobby. I'm already struggling to manage a balance between all my addictions; Paints, Glues, Thinners, Sanding Sticks, PlaPlate, scribing tools and chisels, masking tape, the list is most literally endless but the feeling of completing a kit, applying that final layer of topcoat and posing it, priceless.

I have found such a love in this hobby that I deemed it a duty to share it with all I can reach. So, together with Nie Costa and Ver.EL, I'll be bringing you reviews, project updates, news, guides and god knows what else Gunpla and Gundam related.


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